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Cheyenne is a former Miss Florida Seminole, and uniquely the first Seminole woman to hold the prestigious title of Miss Indian World. She is passionate about sustaining Indigenous culture and healing her community. After an intense struggle with her own identity, mental health issues and the continuous battle against the public prejudice of those conditions, she now openly speaks about her experience with radical acceptance, depression, struggling in school, seeking help, and proudly embracing the challenges of her life. 

As Miss Indian World, she served as a cultural goodwill ambassador representing all Native and Indigenous people globally and held the longest reign in MIW History. Throughout her reign, she aspired to break down the stigmas of mental health conversations, empower and encourage her people, and share her experiences as a young, mixed, Indigenous woman. As the founder and Co-Chairwoman of the "Healing The Circle In Our Tribal Communities," a trauma-focused healing symposium, she sought out to create a safe space to discuss the many common traumas present in our Tribal communities. She was also chosen to serve as a Peer Guide for UNITY’s (United National Indian Tribal Youth) Healing Indigenous Lives Initiative program, which supports and enhances Native youth engagement with a focus on juvenile justice and delinquency prevention in Indian Country. Currently, she leads communications for a national non-profit, the Center for Native American Youth as the Aspen Institute.

Cheyenne believes in empowering her people to find healing and wellness and live healthy, full lives.
She is available for speaking, workshops, and other events.

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