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Cheyenne Eete Kippenberger

Seminole Tribe of Florida & Chilean
Miss Indian World 2019-2021

Presenter | Speaker | Advocate | Consultant

Community, Culture, History


Cheyenne is a Seminole and Chilean woman, advocate for Indigenous people and a former Miss Indian World. She has utilized her platform as an ambassador to advocate for environmental protections of the Florida Everglades, overturn adverse stereotypes and stigmatizations of mental health in tribal communities, encourage healing through identity and self love, and combat the negative, stereotypical narrative of Native and Indigenous people. Cheyenne also provides motivational speaking presentations, empowerment workshops, pageantry coaching, cultural and historical consulting, hosts and emcees, and presents on topics such as culture as prevention, identity, human trafficking, domestic violence, and much more. She strives for authenticity and to live a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually through her culture and teachings.

Cheyenne gives the land acknowledgement at the inaugural Aspen Ideas Festival: Climate in Miami Beach, FL, for the Aspen Institute on May 9th, 2022.

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Cheyenne is available for booking. For any inquiries please email:

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